Cloud Computing 

INOVAX offers the best cloud computing solutions for companies to reduce costs and maintenance and focus their resources on innovation. Cloud computing offers a much more efficient, flexible and economical way to meet the growing needs of businesses in relation to ICT. INOVAX offers a progressive and practical way for this new model, with solutions that leverage the power of the cloud while ensuring security and preserve the value of investments in technology.

Storage Hyperconvergent

Inovax offers Canonical’s solution Ubuntu Advantage Storage. Canonical’s storage solution supplies the requirements of large scale storage in the most cost effective way, using the the proven software‐defined storage (SDS) technologies of Ceph, NexentaEdge, Swift and SwiftStack. The solution can be implemented entirely in standard commercial hardware.

Ubuntu is a registered trademark of Canonical Ltd


Canonical | Ubuntu - The platform of scale-out computing / Ubuntu Cloud


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