INOVAX and HUAWEI announced partnership to offer the device APPLIANCE for SAP HANA

Did you know that INOVAX is a supplier of Huawei’s Appliance certified for SAP HANA, one of the fastest in the world? The Appliance developed by Huawei Technologies is a powerful data server that enables to run the SAP Business Suite software, a set of fully integrated applications such as SAP ERP, SAP SCM, SAP CRM, and SAP SRM.


Available since May this year, SAP HANA, is a next generation data management platform that allows the user to analyze large volumes of data from virtually any source, in real time. Users can access the platform as an application or in the cloud, it performs real-time analysis and helps users develop and deploy applications. Another advantage of the platform is the possibility to simplify the IT infrastructure enabling a reduction in data center costs.

The SAP HANA platform is an in-memory database, which allows all the operational data of the company to be captured as soon as it’s generated. Without the need to host data on hard disks, the in-memory technology allows information to be placed directly in the RAM memory, drastically increasing data processing speed.

SAP HANA is an advanced database platform that enables companies to become more competitive by simplifying data infrastructure, allowing the processing of large amounts of information and improving business processes by enabling faster decisions because all the information is in one place.

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. The company is driven by ongoing innovation, and open collaboration, and have established a competitive ICT portfolio of end-to-end solutions in telecom and enterprise networks, devices, and cloud computing.


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