Success Stories


Copel is the largest energy company in the state of Paraná. Founded in 1954, with equity control of the state, the company directly attends to 3.592.901 consumer units in 393 municipals and 1.108 localities, districts, towns and villages. 2,8 million homes, 66 thousand factories, 297 thousand commercial establishments and 347 thousand rural properties are included in this universe. There are more than 7.200 km of transmission lines, more than 178.000 km of distribution lines, and more than 3,5 million clients.

The company had limited bandwidth, impossibility of service flexibility and high operation costs. INOVAX therefore had the mission of offering a solution that reduced the TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP (TCO) and facilitated the business growth.

INOVAX Solution

In partnership with Huawei, INOVAX offered an intelligent and customized management system. Router G Switches were implanted in the optical IP Backbone of COPEL (MPLS GE Huawei NEE X routers) as well as the expansion of more MPLS GE Huawei NEE X routers, attending more than 200 cities in the entire state of Paraná.

As a result, COPEL gained a simplified and more reliable network structure, with innovative technology, sustainable products, green design and unified backbone services.
INOVAX took care of the supply, support and maintenance.

"The product is very good and the result more than satisfactory."
Marcelo Yamada
Networks and IP Services Companhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL)



Rioprevidência, Single Social Security Fund of Rio de Janeiro State, is an independent public body that manages financial assets for the payment of salaries, pensions and other welfare benefits. The body performs licensing, administration and payment of welfare benefits in accordance with state legislation, which handles the pension scheme for the civil servants of the State of Rio de Janeiro and their dependents.

INOVAX Solution

When it contacted INOVAX, the institution needed its financial operations to be more dynamic and required a telephony solution. In response, INOVAX implanted NEOPATH stations to streamline the operations, including a management station, through which a technical evaluation of the system is made.

As well as this, Audiocodes Gateways were supplied, working with analogue lines, SXO ports and a robust server with virtual applications.

The INOVAX technicians even trained the Rioprevidência operators, awarding certificates. The maintenance program includes monthly preventative operations, in which the technicians evaluate the equipment and check the functionality of the system.

"We recognize that INOVAX has fulfilled the communication requirements of our financial operations table and that it demonstrates an ability to adapt to the demands of integration and the technological evolution of information systems that serve us. The company has a dynamic team and provides excellent technical support services, attending to our needs in a timely manner."

Flávia Affonso Teixeira
Planning Coordinator GOP



Founded by Petrobras, Petros is the second largest pension fund in Brazil and a pioneer in the Brazilian supplementary pension market. The company administrates the pension plan of the largest company in the country, Petrobras, and in 2009, passed the mark of 132 thousand participants. With its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, it has offices in Santos, Salvador and Aracaju, as well as representatives distributed by sponsors.

INOVAX Solution

At first, PETROS needed a telecommunications technology solution. INOVAX installed NEOPATH stations for financial operations tables, granting increased dynamism to the PETROS operations, fulfilling the requirements such as call management and recording, FreeSeating system for authentication at various stations, configuration and contacts storage and number recognition. As well as that, physical servers and a digital Audiocode Gateway were installed. The system is vastly more advanced than the equipment previously used by PETROS.

The NEOPATH stations allow PETROS to hold conferences with various participants and, for example, have one operator enter the session of another in order to monitor a call.

The INOVAX technicians provided training to the PETROS operators, teaching them how to operate the device and granting certificates. Even after the training, the technicians remain available to perform eventual maintenance operations, by either providing instructions or personally appearing to monitor an operation.

The PETROS maintenance program includes monthly preventative operations, in which the technicians evaluate the equipment and check the functionality of the system.

"INOVAX has shown itself to be capable of continuously meeting our needs with regard to product customization and integration with other information systems of the institution."

Andréa Santos
PETROS Telecommunications Engineering